Expansion of culture

The culture is the culture of excellence, and within an organization is the set of beliefs and behavior patterns are the values ​​that we incorporate into it and give it a special marking to our company distinct from many others.

Culture of a group , an organization must be inclusive, diverse, broad, but certainly identifying the collective and pride of ownership thereof.

In a world so apparently equal, where are all the best of the best, is especially sensitive creating an identity and open culture itself.

However the expansion of that culture , deep and intimate the same apprehension on the part of each of its components requires a methodological transparency and creativity to ensure that implantation for acceptance thereof.

OK is incorporated into our background, skills, values ​​and common identifiers and to do as athletes, you need to train, train and train.

The formation of internal, known, reliable coaches are the best guarantors of the actual implementation of corporate culture.