Ideas are dreams conceived, bold yet realistic people who are at the center of creation sized projects and communicate within the entire company.

Francisco Lucas LucasCorp

From LucasCorp can find clues that may enhance the ability of the people and organizations to stay in time, provided they are willing to reinvent and generate visionary leaders adapted when , accommodating both analysis and global vision, ethical commitment and useful knowledge of current reality that allows them projecting future; in short, leaders aligned with their values ​​and principles, as well as the willingness and ability to understand the reality we live and rediscover their role in our time.

analyze and use the main tools related to the human development through a unique methodology based on values ​​( Focus Value ), for facilitating and inspire people to a vision of transcendence in line with their ethical, emotional and economic values ​​that must be present in the lives of all person any organization .

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