Ideas are dreams conceived, bold yet realistic people who are at the center of creation sized projects and communicate within the entire company.

Francisco Lucas LucasCorp
The Ideas

In LucasCorp we are passionate about ideas, ideas are conceived, bold yet realistic dreams. Dare essential to transcend the known boundaries that limit us and make us small yearning.

The Projects

Organizations as a whole, are reasonably structured and defined, when an organization moves, when mobilized, makes a whole. The refocusing of an organization, regardless of size is made under the guidelines of the company (Guidelines).


People are at the center of creation. The companies composing the dream and manage people. Why the same company, different people get different results? Why do the same people in different companies, the same results?

The Communication

We are immersed in society of immediacy, are doing everyday bad habits of young children who want something, but not yours, they want it and if not caught a huge tantrum, do not know why they want and stop want it instantly, as instantly bawling for it.