Ainep - Persons

Ainep is directed to People functional area of ​​ LucasCorp and Organizations , so the portfolio activities that offer is addressed to people individually and companies like bodies own DNA, set not by the sum of its parts, but as an organism with its own life and manifestations.

The organizations similarly to people, has its own culture, built on their deepest held values, boast of pride in belonging to an organization becomes, marking differences from others.

, our name is not casual wears in the letters that compose intrinsically values ​​we defend ourselves and potentiate the activity of our customers.

A Apprehend all knowledge in depth and voracity, learning is basic to appropriate it.

Action, is our knowledge come true, no action without learning, like learning sterility without action in the service of others.

Accepting views different from ours, open be prone to all kinds of possibilities on which to choose and decide.

Authenticity, so necessary for our own development and evolution, projecting as genuine, positive, sure of ourselves.


I Imagine, imagination creates potential applied, forging realities and forge a creative character do with our unconscious processor, where others are lost.

Invite, treats of yesteryear mobilize people, lead them to share the good omens, contributing to them.

Instinct, so often ignored in the name of reason and logic, is the accumulated knowledge of our ancestors.

Identity with our environment, stating that something concerns us, concerns us and concerns us.

Intrepid, for it is precisely courage to face the challenges that surely must address this requires an effort to achieve them both to his defense.


Naturalness, this is the highest manifestation of the people and organizations of higher value, those characterized by sincerity, for simplicity.

Negotiation, you must at all times have temperance necessary to maintain the balance that is needed to advance, creating new realities unknown.


Evolution, everything moves, everything develops and becomes more gradual occur.

Efficiently, Run, ideas, dreams made projects be carried out efficiently, in implementing the critical point is the same.

Equality, this is a diverse society, but no different, our actions must be partners, fellow equivalent in every action and decision we make in a global world, with real equality approaches.


P Person, the highest value of all construction, their ability, their attitude, their interrelationships and their integration is critical in all human action.

Purpose, is intended in any field, is the mind set on achieving our goals.