AINEP - Persons

The awakening of consciousness for people and organizations to become the best version of themselves.

Coaching programs

Coaching born and aims to support people, healthy in the process of discovering your potential, its development and impact on its activity in the personal and relational internal balance under the pillars of deepening learning, and propel the action.

Vocational guidance programs

These programs have a party founded on principles of Coaching for the person:

  • recognize and develop their skills and competencies
  • set personal and professional goals you want to achieve
  • develop more and better control of your career with a decisive influence on it.

Expansion of culture

The culture is the culture of excellence, and within an organization is the set of beliefs and behavior patterns are the values ​​that we incorporate into it and give it a special marking to our company distinct from many others.

Model de gestió de persones

The culture of a company also includes the patterns of behavior of its components, how we are going to communicate, how we resolve conflicts that may arise as natural needs that may arise.