Employment structure

It is an evidence that our business and economic model has spent years changing faster than our ability to understand and assimilate, our status quo conventional wins a sudden change and disconcerting.

How do face (then and now)? With traditional recipes! (If we have time)

The company strategy must contain all the key business and must be preserved, without doubt, the know how in the same order to shield the core -bussines of its own.

Why then the first steps is unique and sometimes without people in which we have invested and developed and in which is deposited our nuclear knowledge? With their loss, not lose value as well?

Where are our shifters and our strengths?

The analysis and creation of a job structure, with the right knowledge, accurate correctly into position, the requirements necessary to provide the organization requires agility that "unexpected events" may be required, must be built consciousness has nothing to do with partial views and outdated, no laws, unions or contracts, deals with the construction of an intelligent and efficient organization.